Matt Mitrione Injured, Hopefully Not Severe? reported earlier today that Matt Mitrione suffered an injury in training, and that has caused the cancellation of his scheduled fight with Brendan Schaub at UFC on FOX 8. According to the report,

…sources indicated that the UFC was leaning towards re-booking the fight on a later card, and as a result, they decided to pull Schaub from the event in Seattle altogether.

The fact that the UFC is leaning toward re-booking the fight tells me that this injury may not be serious, and a fairly speedy recovery is expected.  If this were a more serious injury, with an undetermined time frame for return or a pending surgery, I doubt that the UFC would already be mentioning re-booking the fight.

While the exact nature of the injury is not known, Matt Tweeted about his injury earlier today.

He comments that he tried to continue training after the injury. Again, this points to something that is not a long-term, serious injury, or something that will require surgery (ie, knee ligament, shoulder labrum, etc).  I will update the MMA Injury blog if more details on his injury come to light.  Or I’ll just Tweet it, so maybe you could give me a follow!

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