UFC on Fuel TV 9: Pre-Fight Injury Report

UFC on Fuel TV 9 will air April 6 on Fuel TV.  In anticipation of the event, I will be posting some injury information on two fighters- Gegard Mousasi and Mike Easton.

Main event- Alexander Gustafsson vs. Gegard Mousasi.

(As of this writing, this fight may not happen at all, due to Gustafsson suffering a cut in training.)

Mousasi is entering his second bout following knee surgery for a torn ACL.  (As usual, finding out which knee was injured has been difficult.)  The surgery occurred in March 2012, and he returned to the cage in January of this year, earning a submission victory over Mike Kyle in the first round of the Strikeforce event. (You can watch that entire fight here.)  In this fight, Gegard’s knees looked solid, with good power demonstrated on a nice take down of Kyle.  However, this fight ended quickly, and Kyle didn’t test the knee much.  I am always interested to see how a fighter with a history of knee surgery (especially ACL) can take kicks to the knee, or to the leg just above and below the knee- anything that can impart a sudden twist or torque to the knee .  Also, watch Mousasi’s ability to twist on the affected leg.  The ACL is very important for rotary stability of the knee.

In the next couple of days, I will address the elbow injury suffered by Mike Easton in 2007.  True, this is not a recent injury, but judging by the size of his surgical incision, it was a nasty injury.

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