Mighty Mouse Back From Shoulder Surgery Mighty Quick

Demetrius “Mighty Mouse” Johnson had surgery on his right shoulder on March 7.  In a March 8 article published on MMAFighting.com, he told Ariel Helwani “The type of surgery I had done is the labral debridement [procedure].  When the doctor got in there, he saw my shoulder was stable, which is the most important thing.”

Most important, indeed.  As I noted on a previous post about Johnson’s shoulder injury, one of the primary functions of the labrum is to help stabilize the shoulder joint.  It does this by forming a suction seal between the glenoid and the head of the shoulder bone (the humerus).

A tear to the labrum can disrupt this stabilizing force for the shoulder joint, possibly leading to a mild degree of instability.  Johnson told Helwani that he had three tears in the labrum.  The fact that he had a labral debridement (used to “clean up” the frayed or torn parts of the labrum) tells me that the labrum was not detatched from the underlying bone.  This is good, and will likely lead to a faster recovery.  In fact, MMAJunkie.com reports that Johnson wants to fight again at UFC on Fox 8 in July, only four months out from his surgery.  This quick recovery also means that the surgery was probably done arthroscopically, rather than with an open incision.

Johnson is currently attending rehab twice weekly (twitter pic below), and may return to training in six weeks. He has been surprisingly open about his recovery, posting many pictures of his rehab on his Twitter feed (here and here).  The fact that his shoulder is stable means that he should regain power and coordinated movement with the shoulder fairly rapidly. 

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